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Thursday, March 6, 2008

How to become a Mystery Shopper - How you can start Mystery Shopping Today!

So you have heard all of the craze. You have read my article that you can make money doing this. Now you wonder, "How do I get started as a mystery shopper?" You also may be thinking, "Where do I start?" "What do I need?" These are all things that I will cover in articles on my blog. I will give you everything you need to get started today.

The first thing that you need is an email address. I recommend getting one just for shopping. Make sure the name you pick is something professional. You do not want to pick something that someone may view as negative in any way. This is your first impression with all companies. Schedulers see your name and email when they assign any shops to you. I also want to point out that they can view your password too. I have seen many negative emails and passwords that have turned me off from assigning shoppers. Put yourself above the rest. Think of something that may say you are a serious shopper. Maybe it states your dedication or just your name. Just make sure this first step is a positive impression. You may get a free email account lots of places. I know lots of shoppers like hotmail, yahoo, gmail, and more. You may use any that you like.

Secondly, set your voicemail. Schedulers will be calling you. You want to make a good impression. Even if your voicemail suits multiple purposes, keep it professional. Think about this when you decide to put songs on for your callers to hear too.

You will need to have access to a computer to check your email on a regular basis. I recommend checking it at least once a day. You may want to check it more often so you can get the best jobs. You will also need some way to submit receipts and other collateral. I love my $70 all in one machine. It is awesome. You don't have to have anything expensive. I do recommend something that can scan and fax images. You also may want a digital camera to use on some assignments. That can come later if you want.

Most mystery shopping companies only pay through Paypal. If you do not accept this form of payment you will be limiting the type and quantity of shops you may get. You may register for a free and safe account at .

You are ready to start! Where do you begin? I always tell people to register with as many companies as you can to start. You may want to check that they are legitimate. You can always check here. I only post sites here that I have personally shopped and gotten paid for my work. you may also check with the MSPA too. Here are a few sites to begin. I will list more often be sure to check back.

KSS International, Inc.
Service Sleuths
Beyond Hello
Sutter Marketing
Game Film

Once you register, you may search the job boards for shops in your area. The job boards change frequently. Be sure to search often. Also check your email. Most open shops will be emailed to shoppers in the database. Schedulers can email them out based on many criteria. Sometimes they are released to certified shoppers first. They may be offered to shoppers with a certain average score too. They may be offered by location too. Be sure to only apply for shops that you are planning on completing. Apply for the shops you want. Now keep an eye on your shopper log and email to see if you get assigned the shops. You need to be patient. Schedulers don't like shoppers that become pests.

You got assigned a shop. Now follow through! Did you know that more than half of shoppers "flake" on their first assignment. Put yourself in the top 50% right away. Read the shop guidelines carefully. If you are not sure what you are suppose to do, email your scheduler and ask the specific question that you have. Go on your assignment during the specific time period assigned. Collect all names and information on your shop. Log-on and enter your report. You will need to upload any receipts or collateral at this time. Your shop is not over. Be sure to check your shop log in the next two days. The editors may post questions about your report. If you do not follow-up you may not get paid. You want to make sure your report makes it to finalized!

Now you wait for payment. Most companies pay in 45-60 days. Some companies pay by check. Most of them pay by Paypal. Make sure you take a minute to sign-up for a paypal account. Now keep registering and apply for shops. The more you do, the more money that will come. I love checking my email. I receive job offers and paypal confirmations of payment. Now there is "money in the mail."

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