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Friday, May 9, 2008

Real Mystery Shopping Companies List

Shoppers ask me all of the time where do I go to get more shops. I am going to add a company at a time to this list. Why don't you bookmark my blog now? Then, come back every few days and look at the list. I will number the companies. Then, you can apply for one at a time. It often becomes overwhelming to try and apply for a ton of companies at one time. Mystery shopping companies like for you to get experience. Shop for as many as you can. Just be sure to follow through on all assignments. A bad reputation is hard to shake off in this industry just like life. These are legitmate place to find work. I recommend logging on and applying to each site I list. I also recommend checking the job boards on the sites often. This way you will know where to find work. If you forget where you applied, come back here and use the list.

1. Kern Scheduling (read my article on the blog) This is the top company in the industry.
2. Service Sleuths
3. Confero
4. Beyond Hello
6. Tell us About US
7. Speedmark

Check back often. I will post more soon!