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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Where are the fun mystery shops? Bowling? Movies?

Have you wondered where to find fun bowling and movie shops? I can tell you right where to go. The movie shops usually will send you a free ticket in the mail. Then, you will get to get popcorn and sodas. These are easy and fun shops. Do you really want to have fun and get paid? Sign-up to do some bowling shops. For these you usually will get bowling for two people. You often get shoe rental and two games per person. I know that KSS give you money for food too. How do you get these? Sign up now and start applying!

Make sure you register now with KSS International at and for more fun shops!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

ATH Power Another Great Mystery Shopping Company

So you want to do more shops? Have you shopped banks? These shops often pay a little more than traditional retail. They may vary from teller shops to account inquiry shops. ATH Power is the power house in banking shops. Be sure you take one minute and register with them at

There are mortgage shops and credit card shops too. You may be asked to cash a check or make a deposit. This may be done at a bank that you have an account. Some clients will pay a bonus if you open up a new bank account. There are lots of easy teller transactions too. Banking shops are great shops to get started with if you are new to the industry or if you are looking to branch out. These can make good consistent income.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

How to find shops when you travel!

Did you know that there are lots of great shops available all over the country and beyond? Did you realize that the airports are shopped often? There are many shops located past security that they need ticketed passengers for every month. The great thing about airport shops is that they often pay a premium. How can you find these shops? Check out Beyond Hello at and KSS International at
You may also email your favorite schedulers and ask them if they have anything where you are going. They will be happy to hear from you. Most schedulers receive their shops the last week of the month. These shops are for the following month. They will not know what shops they have three months out. You may want to search the sites above and jobslinger for more shops where you are going. Help pay for your trip while you are on the go. I always shop when I visit family or friends. It is a great excuse to check out the malls and restaurants where I am headed.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Where can I find mystery shops? How do I find mystery shops?

So you have decided you want to be a mystery shopper. You have heard that almost every place is mystery shopped. Now, how do you find these shops? I will share some great places to check often for the top jobs out there.

KSS International
They schedule for over 70 different mystery shopping companies. Be sure to register here and you will start to get emails of shops in your area.

Jobslinger This is a great job board where schedulers from lots of different mystery shopping companies post their jobs.

MSPA The Mystery Shoppers Providers Association had a job board available. Schedulers post jobs here often. You can also search the companies list to make sure you register with more companies.
You may want to get your silver or gold mystery shopper certification while you are here.

Volition This is a must for shoppers. You can check the forums here too. This is a great spot for shoppers to join together to find out more about shopping.
I will continue to post information to get you shopping now, more often, and making more money!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Beyond Hello Another Great Mystery Shopping Company

Do you wonder what other companies you should register with? I will continue to add them here for you to see. Beyond Hello is a dependable mystery shopping company. They specialize in the following types of shops.

*Automotive Shops including Free Oil Changes and Test Drives Mystery Shops
*Bar Mystery shop
*Eye Glasses
*Bowling Alley Mystery Shop
*Dining and Restaurant Shop
*Hotel Shop
*Internet Mystery Shop
*Movie Theatre Shops
*Retail Shops
*Telephone Mystery Shops / Phone Call Mystery Shops
*To-Go Carry Out Mystery Shops

Apply to be a shopper in two minutes at

Make sure you are also at to get notified of more of their shops.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Get Paid to Take Surveys and Read Email

I have joined two companies that pay me just to take surveys. You can register for the first one at

I have a second site that also pays you for reading emails, playing games online, and much more.
You can click the link to the left for InboxDollars and get a $5 bonus.

You get paid for many various activities. Get paid to read email, take surveys, play games, and shop. You do not have to leave home to make money on these.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bonus Shops Get high paying shops!

The end of the month is approaching. Be sure to check the job boards often. I know that has some great bonus shops. Do you live in MI, MN, MO, SC, or TN? Be sure to check them out.

Do you watch Jobslinger? It is another great spot to watch for bonus shops!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Shops in MI, MN, MO, MS, TN, SC


I just saw some simple shops located in MI, MN, MO, MS, SC, and TN. They pay $8 for 5 minutes. Simple! Check them out at

Monday, January 26, 2009

Ritter Associates another great mystery shopping company!

Are you looking for another company to register with? Ritter Associates has been around since 1974. They have a long track record. They work with some of the top retailers. Be sure you sign-up now at Do you want high paying shops? Register here.

It only takes a minute to register. You will then be ready for shops in your area.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Get paid to shop online! No report to fill out!

I still do some mystery shopping because I love it. I have found a new concept that has allowed me to quit my full-time job. You can view the details online at

Just make sure your sound is on. Email me with any questions at

Saturday, August 30, 2008

MSPA Member Meeting 2008

The member meeting for the MSPA is scheduled for September 24-26 in Miami Beach. It will be a the Trump International Beach Resort.

You may register online at under events. The cut off date for registration is September 15th.

There is a great line up planned. Lior Arussy will be holding, "Do You Really Love Your Customers?" Bodine Balasco will be speakinb about "Creating Business Growth by Creating Customer Loyalty." There will be other great speakers too.

Most top companies will be present.

Shop Online Earn Big Money

Hi! I have finally figured it out. I have joined
Now, I get paid to shop online. I get rebates at over 600 retailers. I earn 1-40% return. I shop at stores where I normally make purchases. You can do as little or as much as you like. The awesome thing about this site is you will also make money on any shopper that you refer. I will pass on my referral fee through September 15. Email me for details at

You can earn thousands a month doing this. I recommend calling in and listening to a tour call. I am happy to chat with you too. For a minimal investment, you can run your own home business. Tired of driving around to make money? I am. I am now typing and buying to earn.

Ask for details!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Earn Money as a Shopper-Make Money for shopping online

I have found another way to make some awesome money shopping. It is a twist on the mystery shopping. This is I just shop online and get paid. I support Green Products and every day stores like Target and Expedia too. There are over 600 companies to shop from. Looking for a Halloween Costume? There is a great site for that! I know people that are making $20,000 a month. No, that is not a typo. You just buy regular purchases online. You can just be a shopper and support the green movement or become a business owner and make money when other people shop. I love to shop and I love to make money. Do you? Send me an email and I can give you more details. You can listen to a conference call for all of the details. It will be well worth your time.

You may also register at

You can join for free or become a business owner. I would love to tell you how I am taking my earning power to the next level. Send me an email today. You will be happy that you did.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Real Mystery Shopping Companies List

Shoppers ask me all of the time where do I go to get more shops. I am going to add a company at a time to this list. Why don't you bookmark my blog now? Then, come back every few days and look at the list. I will number the companies. Then, you can apply for one at a time. It often becomes overwhelming to try and apply for a ton of companies at one time. Mystery shopping companies like for you to get experience. Shop for as many as you can. Just be sure to follow through on all assignments. A bad reputation is hard to shake off in this industry just like life. These are legitmate place to find work. I recommend logging on and applying to each site I list. I also recommend checking the job boards on the sites often. This way you will know where to find work. If you forget where you applied, come back here and use the list.

1. Kern Scheduling (read my article on the blog) This is the top company in the industry.
2. Service Sleuths
3. Confero
4. Beyond Hello
6. Tell us About US
7. Speedmark

Check back often. I will post more soon!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Shadow Shopper - Do you get more and better shops?

Shadow Shopper. It is a debate that will continue. I have signed up with them on the free package only. I do not think you should ever waste your money on what you can get for free. They promise you more and better jobs. There is a benefit to it. Did you know that just by registering, your name gets added to the database of shoppers? This is a benefit for a few reasons. You will still receive some email offers. In these emails, you will see name of other companies to register with. Schedulers can access the database to find shoppers in areas that they have shops. I just received an email this morning for someone who had a free spa service shop near me. I signed up. I will be off to get my nails done on someone else's dime shortly. The promise that by becoming silver and gold you will get more job offers. Most companies will not pay Shadow Shopper to list their jobs. They list them on their own website for free. How can you find different companies? You may search here. You may also look for jobs on the MSPA site directly. Another great site is Jobslinger is a major job board where schedulers from all over post their available shops. You can search by your zip code. I find the MSPA site awesome for this too. Their site is You may view their job boards and also their forums for shoppers. I promise you will find some useful information there.

The bottom line. Don't ever pay to be a shopper. Don't ever pay to access jobs. You are in this to make money. Remember?

Friday, March 7, 2008

What is TMG Certification for Mystery Shopping?

I know about some shops that require TMG Certification. Many shoppers have been asking me what this is and how they can get it. TMG certification is not for everyone. If you have an extensive background in loss prevention or auditing this may be for you.

The TMG Certification requires people to have loss prevention and/or auditing background. People need to take the test if they are qualified. No person can pass this test if they do not have extensive loss prevention or auditing background. This certification is for a specific type of audit. This will qualify someone to do a a full cash audit of a business. This is for people that understand business accounting documents, such as P&L's to be able to pass this test. As far as loss prevention goes, it requires people that held an LP position in a retail/restaurant environment. This is not for someone who thinks they have LP experience because they witnessed someone stealing.

If you meet these qualifications, it can open you up to more great shops. If you think you meet this please email me directly and I will point you in the right direction. This certification is offered by Service Sleuths. It is only offered to shoppers that have the correct background. If you think it includes you, please let me know at

Thursday, March 6, 2008

How to become a Mystery Shopper - How you can start Mystery Shopping Today!

So you have heard all of the craze. You have read my article that you can make money doing this. Now you wonder, "How do I get started as a mystery shopper?" You also may be thinking, "Where do I start?" "What do I need?" These are all things that I will cover in articles on my blog. I will give you everything you need to get started today.

The first thing that you need is an email address. I recommend getting one just for shopping. Make sure the name you pick is something professional. You do not want to pick something that someone may view as negative in any way. This is your first impression with all companies. Schedulers see your name and email when they assign any shops to you. I also want to point out that they can view your password too. I have seen many negative emails and passwords that have turned me off from assigning shoppers. Put yourself above the rest. Think of something that may say you are a serious shopper. Maybe it states your dedication or just your name. Just make sure this first step is a positive impression. You may get a free email account lots of places. I know lots of shoppers like hotmail, yahoo, gmail, and more. You may use any that you like.

Secondly, set your voicemail. Schedulers will be calling you. You want to make a good impression. Even if your voicemail suits multiple purposes, keep it professional. Think about this when you decide to put songs on for your callers to hear too.

You will need to have access to a computer to check your email on a regular basis. I recommend checking it at least once a day. You may want to check it more often so you can get the best jobs. You will also need some way to submit receipts and other collateral. I love my $70 all in one machine. It is awesome. You don't have to have anything expensive. I do recommend something that can scan and fax images. You also may want a digital camera to use on some assignments. That can come later if you want.

Most mystery shopping companies only pay through Paypal. If you do not accept this form of payment you will be limiting the type and quantity of shops you may get. You may register for a free and safe account at .

You are ready to start! Where do you begin? I always tell people to register with as many companies as you can to start. You may want to check that they are legitimate. You can always check here. I only post sites here that I have personally shopped and gotten paid for my work. you may also check with the MSPA too. Here are a few sites to begin. I will list more often be sure to check back.

KSS International, Inc.
Service Sleuths
Beyond Hello
Sutter Marketing
Game Film

Once you register, you may search the job boards for shops in your area. The job boards change frequently. Be sure to search often. Also check your email. Most open shops will be emailed to shoppers in the database. Schedulers can email them out based on many criteria. Sometimes they are released to certified shoppers first. They may be offered to shoppers with a certain average score too. They may be offered by location too. Be sure to only apply for shops that you are planning on completing. Apply for the shops you want. Now keep an eye on your shopper log and email to see if you get assigned the shops. You need to be patient. Schedulers don't like shoppers that become pests.

You got assigned a shop. Now follow through! Did you know that more than half of shoppers "flake" on their first assignment. Put yourself in the top 50% right away. Read the shop guidelines carefully. If you are not sure what you are suppose to do, email your scheduler and ask the specific question that you have. Go on your assignment during the specific time period assigned. Collect all names and information on your shop. Log-on and enter your report. You will need to upload any receipts or collateral at this time. Your shop is not over. Be sure to check your shop log in the next two days. The editors may post questions about your report. If you do not follow-up you may not get paid. You want to make sure your report makes it to finalized!

Now you wait for payment. Most companies pay in 45-60 days. Some companies pay by check. Most of them pay by Paypal. Make sure you take a minute to sign-up for a paypal account. Now keep registering and apply for shops. The more you do, the more money that will come. I love checking my email. I receive job offers and paypal confirmations of payment. Now there is "money in the mail."

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Gold Certification from MSPA now on DVD

I have awesome news! You can now get Gold Certified without ever leaving your home. This is an amazing shopper. This certification qualifies you for shops only Gold Certified shoppers see. You also will get first sight at many shops. MSPA has just launched the Gold Certification DVD, allowing you to become Gold certified from the comfort of your home. This is the perfect opportunity to take your skills to the next level and increase your marketability among mystery shopping providers. It is widely known and accepted among Mystery Shopping companies that MSPA-certified shoppers are more reliable and produce better reports, so take the next step and achieve your MSPA Silver and Gold Certification.

Here is how:Silver Certification is a brief online program that you can complete at anytime. Visit to become Silver Certified. Once Silver Certified, you are eligible to become Gold Certified.

Gold Certification can be achieved through either a live workshop or the brand new Gold DVD. Gold DVD includes all the same content as the live workshops and nothing is left out! And the cost of the DVD is the same, $99. The networking at the workshops is still great. I do think that is worth it. I have met some awesome people from shopping and networking. Click the link above or visit to learn more about Gold DVD.

I have completed the Gold DVD. It is an informative tool. You will receive great tips to make you a better shopper. You will learn what information they are looking for in reports. I will be writing about great tips in the blog too.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

What Places Are Mystery Shopped?

One of the first questions people ask me is where do mystery shoppers go? Who do they shop? When you sign-up to shop you will start to see the offers come in. Due to confidentiality rules, I can't tell you the exact names of companies. I will reveal some of the industries that I have shopped. You can find what are you enjoy shopping the most. Most shoppers I know have a favorite type of shop they like to complete. Here are some of the places that are mystery shopped.

Restaurants(Fast food to fine dining)
Car test drives
Cell phones
Office Stores
Carpet Cleaning
Dry Cleaning
Oil Changes
Tax Preparer
Fitness Centers
Storage Units
New Home Sales
Retirement Homes
Funeral Homes
Doctor's offices
Dental offices
Day Cares
Private Schools
Convenience Stores

Sign-up with lots of companies, start completing shops, and start trying various industries! Post a comment for what your favorite type of shop is to complete!

Mystery Shoppers - Tips on how to be the best!

There are certain things that all of the best mystery shoppers do that are similiar. Do you want to be a shopper that shines? Do you want to be a shopper that schedulers want to give assignments to tomorrow. Here are the things that will make you shine as a shopper!

1. Follow all of your shop guidelines. (Read these carefully, before conducting a shop)
2. Be observant and show attention to detail.
3. Completing your assignments within the time frame provided.
4. Submit reports right away.(If a scheduler has to ask for your report this is not good)
5. Check your shop log and add any information an editor needs after your report has been submitted.
6. Submit any documentation needed as quickly as possible. This includes receipts, business cards, and more.
7. Submit concise and well written narratives. (You are not hired to give your opinion. You are hired to provide the facts.)
8. Always conduct yourself in a positive and professional manner
9. Be honest with your scheduler. If something comes up that you are unable to complete your shop. Email your scheduler right away. If you are able to complete it another day, let them know. They don't want to hear lies or excuses.
10. Always be ethical and trustworthy.
11. Be Flexible. If shops are rescheduled or moved, go with the flow. The scheduler is bound by the client. The more flexible you are the more people want to work with you.

Follow these eleven tips and you will become one of the best.
Shine Today!

Friday, February 22, 2008

MSPA What is this group you keep hearing about?

The MSPA is the BBB of mystery shopping. This is an awesome resource for shoppers and mystery shopping companies. You can chat with other shoppers, search the job board, and locate companies to shop with.

"The MSPA is the largest professional trade association dedicated to improving service quality using anonymous resources. With over 150 member companies worldwide, our diverse membership includes marketing research and merchandising companies, private investigation firms, training organizations and companies that specialize in providing mystery shopping services. Our member companies work with their clients to establish mechanisms to measure and improve levels of service." Quoted from MSPA.

You can read about upcoming certification and events too.

How do I get certified to be a mystery shopper?

You can go the MSPA website to get certified. The Mystery Shopping Providers Associations, offers certification for professional shoppers. You will be able to get silver certified this hour. The MSPA recognizes that mystery shopping is more than just a hobby. There are shoppers that are making a living at this fun and rewarding job.

Certification is a way of addressing shopper standardization and education . In response to this need, the MSPA has developed an on-line Silver Certification program and a more in-depth Gold Certificate program to be offered in person. There are hopes that there will be Gold programs available through DVD soon. To learn more about the MSPA Shopper Certification Programs for shoppers got to This is a great way to set yourself apart from the hundreds of thousand shoppers in the US. Companies will always give their best jobs to their best and brightest shoppers. Make sure you are one of them.

Mystery Shopping Certification -Is it worth it?

Schedulers use certifications as a tool to know which shoppers are serious. Yes, you can get shops without having it. It does bump you up the list of shoppers that have the same experience as you. I have spoken with several schedulers that have told me that certified shoppers are more reliable. They can count on them more often to complete their shops on time.

You can get Silver or Gold certification. You must get silver first. There is a small fee for this. You will learn about the industry and then take a test about the information that you just learned about. An individual code is given to each shopper. This code is to be entered on most shopping sites. It is a quick and easy way to put yourself up a notch with the schedulers.

Gold Certification is offered a few times a year through workshops. The workshops are a full day event. After the workshop, shoppers complete an online certification. There will be a new DVD Gold Certification coming out soon. Keep your eyes open for it. I will let you know. I also will post another blog on how to get certified.

This is a step that takes a day at the most. It may open doors for you that were closed before they could even be opened. You may get more shopping opportunities. Did you know that schedulers can email certified shoppers opportunities first? Don't miss out.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Great site for Oil Change, Restaurant, Dry Cleaning, Car Wash mystery shops and more!

Here is a great site with lots of free oil change shops. You can also find dry cleaning shops here too. They have some audit available every month too. You never know what you will find when you search at

It only takes a minute to register. You can sign-up for free. You should never pay a fee to register with any site. Then, you can start receiving emails of open shops. You will see information for each shop. You can read about the shop requirements, pay, and location before applying. You can always check the job board for shops in your area. They add new shops daily.

Take a minute and you will start seeing available shops in your email before you know it.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mystery Shopping jobs?

This is the question that I field most frequently from shoppers. How do I get more jobs? I am here to tell you the most effective strategy to get the most mystery shopping jobs you can.

The first thing you need to do is apply. You may tell me that you have applied to a few companies. What if those companies only have two shops a year in your area? Are you doing yourself justice. No. You need to apply to lots of different companies. One way to do that is to apply at as a new shopper. Through that site you will find out about lots of different companies that have shops in your area. You also can check back here. I will be compiling a list of reputable companies on this site. I recommend applying to as many companies as you can get your hands on.

Next, you need to start applying for shops. If you keep applying and don't get them, do not get discouraged. Shoppers are giving a rating based on their past performance. You will need to take the assignments at the bottom of the food chain first. Just keep applying for lots of shops in your area.

You get your first shop. The most important thing is to follow through. Do you know that over half of the mystery shoppers "flake" on their first assignment? Read your guidelines carefully. This is not brain surgery. It is mystery shopping. Be sure to follow directions. Then, enter your report in a timely fashion. Most companies require that you complete the report online within 24 hours of completing your shop. Next, submit any receipts or documentation needed. Finally, check back in your shop log to see if the editor has any questions or needs further information.

If you complete your shop as above, better and higher paying shops will be around the corner.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

KSS International, Kern Scheduling- 50+ Companies at Once

Start by registering with KSS International, Inc. They are also known as Kern Scheduling. This is a scheduling company that is known as the premier recruiting and scheduling company. KSS schedules for over 60 different mystery shopping companies. They schedule tens of thousands of shops monthly. How do you find them. Go to

You can become a new shopper for them today. By signing up with them you will have access to shops from over 60 different companies.

Corporate Office
KSS International
PO Box 14094
Tucson, AZ 85732-4094

New shoppers can register at

I recommend allowing email notification for shops. You will start receiving emails with available shops. They have a job board that is updated on a regular basis.

How much money do Mystery Shoppers make?

I can't tell you about everyone, but I can tell you about me. I have made as little as $500 a month. The most I have made is over $3000 in one month. On top of those figures, I have received free lunches, hotel stays, valet parking, retail items, and more. How can you make that much? I would start by checking back here for lots of great mystery shopping tips. There are great things you can learn from an experienced shopper. I do know shoppers who only make $10 a year and others who make close to six figures. Will you get rich with this? No. Will you have fun? Yes. It make a great way to make extra money. Most shoppers I know have full-time jobs. This is something that they fit in around their schedules. I will list a few sites to get you started!

KSS International
Service Sleuths

I will post a new site in each one my postings! Check back often for more mystery shopping secrets!

Do people really make money as Mystery Shoppers?

Yes! I have been making my living as a mystery shopper for several years. It is a blast. It can be a nice part-time job if you wish. The best thing about it is that it is flexible. You can do as little or as much as you want. Some shoppers I know only do one shop per month. I know others who do hundreds. The best way to get shops is to register with lots of companies. How do you find them? I am here to help!