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Friday, February 22, 2008

Mystery Shopping Certification -Is it worth it?

Schedulers use certifications as a tool to know which shoppers are serious. Yes, you can get shops without having it. It does bump you up the list of shoppers that have the same experience as you. I have spoken with several schedulers that have told me that certified shoppers are more reliable. They can count on them more often to complete their shops on time.

You can get Silver or Gold certification. You must get silver first. There is a small fee for this. You will learn about the industry and then take a test about the information that you just learned about. An individual code is given to each shopper. This code is to be entered on most shopping sites. It is a quick and easy way to put yourself up a notch with the schedulers.

Gold Certification is offered a few times a year through workshops. The workshops are a full day event. After the workshop, shoppers complete an online certification. There will be a new DVD Gold Certification coming out soon. Keep your eyes open for it. I will let you know. I also will post another blog on how to get certified.

This is a step that takes a day at the most. It may open doors for you that were closed before they could even be opened. You may get more shopping opportunities. Did you know that schedulers can email certified shoppers opportunities first? Don't miss out.


BPD in OKC said...

I've been a mystery shopper for almost two years now. I don't get any more or less shops now that I'm certified.

Anonymous said...

I get some shops that say they are going out to Gold members only. So I would say that it does matter. It's worth it if your serious about shopping to me!