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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Mystery Shoppers - Tips on how to be the best!

There are certain things that all of the best mystery shoppers do that are similiar. Do you want to be a shopper that shines? Do you want to be a shopper that schedulers want to give assignments to tomorrow. Here are the things that will make you shine as a shopper!

1. Follow all of your shop guidelines. (Read these carefully, before conducting a shop)
2. Be observant and show attention to detail.
3. Completing your assignments within the time frame provided.
4. Submit reports right away.(If a scheduler has to ask for your report this is not good)
5. Check your shop log and add any information an editor needs after your report has been submitted.
6. Submit any documentation needed as quickly as possible. This includes receipts, business cards, and more.
7. Submit concise and well written narratives. (You are not hired to give your opinion. You are hired to provide the facts.)
8. Always conduct yourself in a positive and professional manner
9. Be honest with your scheduler. If something comes up that you are unable to complete your shop. Email your scheduler right away. If you are able to complete it another day, let them know. They don't want to hear lies or excuses.
10. Always be ethical and trustworthy.
11. Be Flexible. If shops are rescheduled or moved, go with the flow. The scheduler is bound by the client. The more flexible you are the more people want to work with you.

Follow these eleven tips and you will become one of the best.
Shine Today!


M. Parker said...

I consider myself a pretty good shopper, however, with one company and only this company, they often ask me to resubmit the data I have already given them and four times now, I have not been paid for the job for one reason or another. This has not happened with any other company. Is there a reason that they do this. Why are my reports easy to understand with the others?

Sarah Z said...

It could be that that client requires very detailed reports. Don't give up. If you followed the instructions and did your report in a timely manner you should be paid. Follow up!

Mystery shopping company said...

This is simply great! With the help of your pointers, many will now be enticed to participate in mystery shopping and will even try their best in doing such an interesting job.