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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

How much money do Mystery Shoppers make?

I can't tell you about everyone, but I can tell you about me. I have made as little as $500 a month. The most I have made is over $3000 in one month. On top of those figures, I have received free lunches, hotel stays, valet parking, retail items, and more. How can you make that much? I would start by checking back here for lots of great mystery shopping tips. There are great things you can learn from an experienced shopper. I do know shoppers who only make $10 a year and others who make close to six figures. Will you get rich with this? No. Will you have fun? Yes. It make a great way to make extra money. Most shoppers I know have full-time jobs. This is something that they fit in around their schedules. I will list a few sites to get you started!

KSS International
Service Sleuths

I will post a new site in each one my postings! Check back often for more mystery shopping secrets!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine making that much. Do you live in a large city? I have spent a lot of time searching for shops and have signed up on scores of websites. There are very few that pay very much and with the cost of gas these days, it is hardly worth the price unless they are less than 6 miles away round trip.

Where do you find hotel shops or other travle related shops? What about airlines? I joined Shadow Shopper in the beginning for short time and was worth the shortcut to finding companies. I upgraded to be available for Cruise shops--but never got one offer for one.