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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Where can I find mystery shops? How do I find mystery shops?

So you have decided you want to be a mystery shopper. You have heard that almost every place is mystery shopped. Now, how do you find these shops? I will share some great places to check often for the top jobs out there.

KSS International
They schedule for over 70 different mystery shopping companies. Be sure to register here and you will start to get emails of shops in your area.

Jobslinger This is a great job board where schedulers from lots of different mystery shopping companies post their jobs.

MSPA The Mystery Shoppers Providers Association had a job board available. Schedulers post jobs here often. You can also search the companies list to make sure you register with more companies.
You may want to get your silver or gold mystery shopper certification while you are here.

Volition This is a must for shoppers. You can check the forums here too. This is a great spot for shoppers to join together to find out more about shopping.
I will continue to post information to get you shopping now, more often, and making more money!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Beyond Hello Another Great Mystery Shopping Company

Do you wonder what other companies you should register with? I will continue to add them here for you to see. Beyond Hello is a dependable mystery shopping company. They specialize in the following types of shops.

*Automotive Shops including Free Oil Changes and Test Drives Mystery Shops
*Bar Mystery shop
*Eye Glasses
*Bowling Alley Mystery Shop
*Dining and Restaurant Shop
*Hotel Shop
*Internet Mystery Shop
*Movie Theatre Shops
*Retail Shops
*Telephone Mystery Shops / Phone Call Mystery Shops
*To-Go Carry Out Mystery Shops

Apply to be a shopper in two minutes at

Make sure you are also at to get notified of more of their shops.