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Friday, May 9, 2008

Real Mystery Shopping Companies List

Shoppers ask me all of the time where do I go to get more shops. I am going to add a company at a time to this list. Why don't you bookmark my blog now? Then, come back every few days and look at the list. I will number the companies. Then, you can apply for one at a time. It often becomes overwhelming to try and apply for a ton of companies at one time. Mystery shopping companies like for you to get experience. Shop for as many as you can. Just be sure to follow through on all assignments. A bad reputation is hard to shake off in this industry just like life. These are legitmate place to find work. I recommend logging on and applying to each site I list. I also recommend checking the job boards on the sites often. This way you will know where to find work. If you forget where you applied, come back here and use the list.

1. Kern Scheduling (read my article on the blog) This is the top company in the industry.
2. Service Sleuths
3. Confero
4. Beyond Hello
6. Tell us About US
7. Speedmark

Check back often. I will post more soon!


Josh & Amanda said...

Do most companies email with open assignments or are there some companies that rely primarily on the job board?

Sarah Z said...

Half and half. Most companies that use the software Sassie email jobs out. I do recommend checking the job boards too.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your website. I must admit, I did find out about a few of these companies before I discovered your website, but it has taken me months of research to do so. It took a long time sorting through the bogus offers.

I am writing as information for others interested in getting into this, here a few of my experiences. You find out as you go along, the pros and cons. It can be fun; it is a way to get out into the public and make some "pin money," but I haven't found any good paying ones yet. Every once in awhile I find one that is potential for higher pay, but there may be limitations that don't fit at the time. And, there are definitely tradeoffs (distance, gas, requirements, etc).

I started through Shadow Shoppers membership, which was well worth the price (at the time). I think it was a free 30 days trial and then I re-subscribed for an additional 90 days for $39.99. It was a simpler way to find out about "legitimate" companies and sign up. Because they ask for your social security number for payment, you want to make sure that you don't give it out to a company that someone has not "checked out." After the 90 days, I cancelled as I was already signed up on many mystery web sites.

I am only doing this part-time right now because I really haven't found good shops in my area. The most I have gotten paid is around $120 for a 6 hour demonstration for an energy drink. The fast food ones, where they only pay $6 + a meal (that I might not want to eat) and spending 1-2 hours filling out the long detailed reports, has become tedious and not worth ht time I put into it. Note: at the end of the month, some schedulers will pay more for a shop, if they cannot find someone to do it in a certain area. Once they have confidence in you as a shopper, they will call you to do a shop. However, be prepared to have a hamburger meal at 9:30 pm on a Sunday evening. You might get paid $15 + reimbursement.

However, if I find a place that I like, like a donut shop or chain restaurant, it might take some time to read all of the guidelines to begin with (memorize what they want) and then do multiple shops over time at the same place (still only about $7 + about $5+ for reimbursement). These can be fit into my errand schedule. But, with the price of gas nowadays, if the place is within 6 miles of my house, it will tack on another $1.53 for gas. Over 10 miles round trip is not worth it for me unless it fits into my errand path or it pays enough. I am considering doing an eyeglass shop, but I will have to consider the cost of the final purchase (over $250-with only $120 payment). Recently, I did one or two for a family restaurant, but it only pays up to $25 for food reimbursement only and no payment (even to pay for gas). I would rather get paid. I can make healthier meals at home and don't need to eat out. This is only worth it if you bring a friend.

The recent hike in gas affects all of these shops for me. I have yet to find a lucrative shop in my area.

I am still plugging along--

Good Luck Mystery Shopping


Lisa said...

To Anonymous; I've found NARMS to be a good sources for mystery shopping and merchandising company lists. You can sign up with them and they will e-mail you available opportunities within your criteria & area. You could probably get a few demonstrator jobs and long term merchandiser jobs through them. Check out my website:

I have lots of money saving tips and ideas on it. Also, if you like you can send me a message with information you might have that will be useful to others.

mystery shopper said...

Some good mystery shopping companies, but BestMark ( is my favorite. You always get a person when you call and I've developed a great relationship with my regional scheduler.

mystery shopping said...

I'm a fan of BestMark too!

vishnuprasath said...

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