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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Where are the fun mystery shops? Bowling? Movies?

Have you wondered where to find fun bowling and movie shops? I can tell you right where to go. The movie shops usually will send you a free ticket in the mail. Then, you will get to get popcorn and sodas. These are easy and fun shops. Do you really want to have fun and get paid? Sign-up to do some bowling shops. For these you usually will get bowling for two people. You often get shoe rental and two games per person. I know that KSS give you money for food too. How do you get these? Sign up now and start applying!

Make sure you register now with KSS International at and for more fun shops!

2 comments: said...

I have my first bowling shop next Saturday. I'm excited I haven't been bowling in so long because I haven't had the money to go. Movie shops sound like fun too, I can't wait til I get my first one of those!

Frank said...

Interesting post, I used to do mystery shopping when I was back in university, it helped with a little bit of cash on the side but unfortunately wasn't viable as a full time job